“Chestnut Cherry Fever” NōD Magazine No. 26 Forthcoming TBA

“Sliver Tip” New Forum magazine Volume 2 June 2020

“I Seek” in the anthology “Mothering” edited by Anne Sorbie and Heidi Grogan published by Innana Press Forthcoming Spring 2022

TBA “I Once made a heart our of needles and pins – you prick” in The Last Petal published by Suburban Springtime/Sword & Kettle Press

“Hustle The Bitter Skin” NōD Magazine No. 24 November 2019

“Cayenne” and “Whole” Rose Quartz Magazine March 2019

“Cardamon Coffe Wakes” The Polyglot Magazine Issue 4: Lunch Box Spring 2019

“Hatred Blanks” and Rusty Blinks” Politicsslashletterslive – Car Poems

“Origins” antilang 3 Winter 2019

“How the Place You Own Becomes You” Calgary Poetry Magazine – Wax Poetry and Art Magazine November 2018

“Birds Population” FreeFall Magazine May 2017

“Worship” Wax’s  On-line Poetry Magazine’s Weekly Poem